What We Do

The Surbiton Writers Group is more than a social group. 

We bring people together who enable writers to hone their writing and to benefit from their experience and skills.


The social events we organise will be about saying “hello” and also about sharing ideas, work and offering advice and input.


We organise talks with speakers who we think will be of interest, self-publishing, for instance.

Writer’s Circle 

We have a writer’s circle – a group for people to read, develop and have feedback about pieces of work.

Meet The Writer

This website has a page devoted to each member called “Meet The Writer.” This is a Q and A about you and your work. In Meet The Writer, the reader will have links to your website and social media feeds, if you have them.

People reading the website will find out more about you as well as how to get in touch with you.

Ideas for articles 

We publish member’s articles and stories on this site (the copyright will remain with the author).

If you have suggestions for articles, join us  and start a conversation!

Collecting writers together

We intend to be the go-to place for people to learn about, connect in with and show their work. It will be a resource that others can use to find out more about Surbiton writers.

Got a question? 

Great – contact us  and we’ll do our very best to reply quickly. You can also email surbitonwritersgroup@gmail.com.


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