Is It Just Fantasy – Tom Pollack, Kim Curran and Amy McCulloch at Waterstones Book Shop, Kingston


Kingston’s Waterstone’s book shop invited the public to attend a Q and A with fantasy fiction authors Tom Pollock, Kim Curran and Kingston Upon Thames born Amy McCulloch on Thursday.

This event launched a series of discussion panels at Waterstone’s running between now and February that center on the fantasy writing genre.

The authors fielded questions from Waterstone’s staff member Neil, who is hosting the events and also answered questions from the audience.

Talking about how they build the worlds within their books, the authors explained how their imagined worlds take shape, what their writing process is and how character, setting and plot are constructed in this fantasy-lead genre.

The panel argued that every writer creates a new world although there are hidden pitfalls  in writing about magical or fantasy lands. McCulloch reflected on how one of her characters couldn’t describe a desert as wave-like if they hadn’t seen an ocean, for instance.

Choosing the right language was also important in an international market. Curran said that she hoped the description of a long drop to the ground from a pylon was enough for her USA readers to understand what it is. In the US a pylon is more like a bollard.

Engaging, enlightening and entertaining, the authors left the audience with images of vast Mongolian deserts (McCulloch), the menace in everyday cranes and barbed wire (Pollack) and the impact of inventions that are within 5-10 years of reality (Curran).

Waterstone’s next talk is on Thursday 19th February with author Mary Lawson. People can reserve a place with one of the booksellers in store. Confirm details here.

© Carrie Henderson 2015