Peter Wells Writer

Peter Wells writes a hugely popular blog – Counting Ducks – where he regularly publishes new writing.

He reflects on the bitter sweet elements of other’s and his own life, crafting words in a classic, heart felt and balanced literary style.

The success of Counting Ducks brought him to the attention of the US based PDMI publishing where he has published 2 books: Living Life Backwards  and The Man Who Missed The Boat.

Described as ‘wise, witty and wonder-filled”  by readers, it is easy to see why Peter’s writing hits the spot for so many across the globe. This is witnessed by the number of smiling faces liking Peter’s writing on Counting Ducks and the amount of audience and followers that keeps growing and growing.

Living in South West London, his writing is inspired by work and travel and the people he’s met along the way. He enjoys sailing and is the proud father of 3 daughters.

Describe yourself in 140 characters

Quirky, eccentric, a believer in the power of kindness and living life one sentence at a time.

Someone asks you how you began your life as a writer, how do you reply

I have always been imaginative and creative to an extent, and have written poems and worked up skits on a regular basis throughout my adult life, but quite how I started blogging, or even got the technical ability to set one up over four years ago is something of a mystery to me.

Is University or the University of Life important to your writing

This is one is not difficult. Wisdom and the power to observe life have no direct connection with your level of education or circumstance so, in the writing sense: I’m certainly a University of Life man.

What are you working on at the moment

I am in the middle of writing my third book which is called “The Unsocial Memoirs of Stanley Castle.”

What’s the comment most people make about your writing

Oh this is a bit difficult, but I suppose you could say I am a committed examiner of the dialogue between a person’s private thoughts and their public persona, and that is reflected in the comments which also reflect my love of language.

Who has influenced your writing

I’ll name two authors because they helped shaped my interests so much: Dostoyevsky and F Scott Fitzgerald because they were both so brilliant at getting inside characters, and wove their tales against either true-to-life historical or real-life backdrops.

What’s on the agenda for you and your writing in the future

I hope I continue to write and get my novels published. As anyone knows, it is not an easy road to travel but, for some of us, it is the only way we can discover our future.

You are on the podium at an awards ceremony. Who or what do you thank for your success

My friend Tom with whom I discussed the meaning of life since long before the age at which it became lawful for me to drink beer, and those valued friends who kept the sense of sunshine in my life

What’s your email address

What’s your website address

What’s your Twitter handle

Peter Wells @Countingducks

How can people get in touch with you?  

Via my Blog or email