Darren Yallop Writer

Meet Darren Yallop, a Surbiton Writer who has a love of comedy and making readers laugh.   Darren-Yallop-Writer-Surbit

Tell us about yourself in 140 characters

Creative, writer, actor, director. I love comedy.

Someone asks you how you began your life as as writer, how do you reply

I loved writing stories when I was a kid – I could write about anything and write page after page. Sadly do not have any writing now from that era.

It was once I got into acting, after many years of non reading, that the writing bug came back again. All this from just reading scripts from plays!

Is University or the University of Life important to your writing

Neither. I write how I write. I like people, I want people to read my work and that it makes people laugh.

What are you working on at the moment

I’m working on 2 plays. One with another member of the Surbiton Writers Group, the other is called ‘Louise.’ It is based on a song written by a very good friend in the 80s. It’s about a girl who’s had a very hard life.

The play includes a love song to music that will be written by the songwriter for ‘Louise,’ I’ve known him since 1977 –  it’s a harsh story with a happy ending.

What’s the comment most people make about your writing

That it’s witty and humorous.

Who has influenced your writing

I really like The Weasel in The Independent magazine, written by Christopher Hirst. I loved the way he writes, I think it’s witty and classy.

What’s on the agenda for you and your writing in the future

I don’t want my writing to be mundane, I want to carry on doing what I’m doing and for people to enjoy it.

You are on the podium at an awards ceremony. Who or what do you thank for your success

Everyone who’s helped me and supported me on the way, who’s given me a platform to do what I want to do.

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