Welcome writers! 

Do you like to write and want to connect with other like-minded scribers?

The Surbiton Writers Group connects writers together.

You might write a blog, have an idea for a story, do a bit of poetry on the side or have an idea for something bigger.

Perhaps plays are the thing that floats your boat, or you are a person who loves writing for radio.

Do you like factual writing or work as a publisher, editor, sub-editor, journalist or ghostwriter….

All are welcome.

The Surbiton Writers Group meets regularly to be social with other writers and to have a place to chat all things writing, including having others read and critique your work.

If you want to join, follow this website by clicking on the ‘Follow’ button – it’s on the top right hand side of the home screen. Following our website means you will receive notifications of any new stuff we post online.

If you want to make doubley sure you have signed up, send us an email to surbitonwritersgroup@gmail.com

Read this website and follow our social media for announcements!


Read more about our writers circle below …

The Surbiton Writers Group has been created to offer support, encouragement, give feedback and constructive criticism for people who want to develop their writing. 

Our writers meet-up’s happen on either Saturdays or Sunday afternoons. We meet about every 6 to 8 weeks for social events and our writers circles are quarterly.

Join us to find out more details. The venue is in Surbiton, very near bus stops and a short minute walk from the station. Parking is available nearby.

The writing cycle
The writing cycle

What’s a writers circle? 

Writers circles are very helpful in giving and receiving advice, constructive criticism and buckets of support, so that you can develop drafts into a more polished piece of work.

Who can join? 

We have spaces in the writers circle for people who are actively writing or people who like contributing to the writing process by offering feedback to writers.

In each writers circle, we focus on writing that people have brought along for critique

The circle gives space and time to devote to them and their work.

What sort of things will you be doing? 

We have two ways of giving and receiving feedback: a formal writers circle and an informal drop-in.

Formal writers circle 

Members of the circle will circulate a piece of writing 2 weeks in advance of the meet.

That piece of writing will be circulated out to each member of the circle to read.

The members will then each have time within the circle to offer feedback and advice to the writer.

Feedback will be given verbally and in writing.

The formal writers circle is good for people who want in depth, considered feedback from people who will have taken the time to properly think about your work.

We accept pieces of work up to 2000 words in length.

Informal drop-in writers circle 

This is a drop-in that anyone can attend and any writer can bring work to share, whether you are a member or not.

This is good for people who are writing on the hoof and want quick, smart, off the cuff and targeted feedback.

Feedback will be given verbally by anyone who attends.

The informal writers circle is good for short pieces of work or work that needs feedback given as a quick impression / reaction to work.

We usually have our smartphones with us so we can also read work that is online; blog posts, websites and online articles.

What sort of feedback will be given? 

Constructive criticism allows people to say what they think about someone’s writing in a way that develops their skills.

Positive feedback tells people what they are doing right, and why.

In the writer’s circle people will use both to help develop a writer’s work.

How many pieces can be looked at in one circle? 

We will look at a minimum of 2 pieces of writing per circle.

How do I book time in a formal writers circle?

Members will be given a diary of dates and book in which one they want their writing shared at. To attend a formal writers circle you need to be a member first.

How do I book time in a drop-in writers circle? 

You only have to come along, bringing your work with you. It’s a good idea to join first so that we know you are coming and can answer your questions too.

Check the 2016 writers circle dates in the top right hand part of this page and contact us to find out more. 

I’m a bit nervous about coming along….

Go ahead and contact us! We are down to earth, informal and we like hearing from different types and styles of writers of all ages and all stages in the writing process.

We aren’t high falootin’ well known writers, so we understand what it’s like to be nervy about coming along and getting your work ‘out there’  🙂

We aren’t expecting that you have a copy of the new Harry Potter written and ready either – we’re interested in ideas, half finished pieces of work, stalled projects, drafts, brainstorms, blogs, lyrics, scripts…just about anything!

How long is the circle? 

It’s an hour and a half long.

Sounds great, where can I sign up? 


or follow this blog and we’ll get back in touch with you!


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